NoteCapital IDEA Houston’s mission is to lift working adults out of poverty and into living wage careers through education.

The Capital IDEA Houston program is based on a proven, innovative model that provides the financial and emotional support that non-traditional, adult learners need to succeed in higher education and ultimately reach financial self-sufficiency. Capital IDEA Houston fully funds participants’ tuition, fees, and books for an associate’s degree or college-level certificate with no loans or paybacks required. As needed, participants also receive childcare, transportation, and emergency assistance so that they can focus on their education. Each participant works closely with a Career Navigator who provides case management support. Participants are required to meet weekly with their Career Navigator and with their career cohort peer-support group.Graduates

We limit our sponsorship to career paths that are local, in-demand careers, with wages that will support a family, provide benefits, and offer opportunities for professional advancement. We will not award sponsorship for any training or employment path, unless it leads reliably to such a job. To keep our list of career up to date and relevant, Capital IDEA Houston works with local workforce partners to identify new areas of need to properly educate the next generation of workers.

Capital IDEA came to Houston in 2009 through the organizing efforts of The Metropolitan Organization (TMO), a broad-based coalition of local churches helping to meet the needs of their congregants and surrounding communities. TMO gained political and financial support for the program, and helped establish active partnerships with employers, business leaders and Houston Community College.

Capital IDEA Houston started as a pilot program under the auspices of Capital IDEA Central Texas, a long-standing nonprofit organization headquartered in Austin, Texas. In 2015 Capital IDEA Houston was formed as an independent nonprofit corporation and received its own 501(c)3 tax-exemption from the IRS. With this change Capital IDEA Houston is now governed by a local Board of Directors comprised of TMO and business leaders.

Click here to download Capital IDEA Houston’s Fact Sheet: Capital IDEA at a Glance

For more information on Capital IDEA Central Texas, please visit their website at www.capitalidea.org.