Capital IDEA Houston is the Opportunity of a Lifetime. We are an academic sponsorship program for low income adults wanting to get into a great career but unable to pay for the necessary training. >>

What Do We Mean By Sponsorship?

For participants accepted by Capital IDEA Houston, Sponsorship includes all of the following.Girl on Computer

  • College PreparationWe identify the training steps needed for each individual to get into his or her specific career; this includes enrollment in our College Prep¬†Academy, if needed, and prerequisite courses.
  • TuitionWe cover full tuition at Lone Star or Houston Community College for up to an associate’s degree in select career fields: Careers. This includes the cost for tuition, testing and academic fees.
  • GuidanceWe assign a Career Counselor to meet with participants regularly and help them navigate their academic programs.
  • BooksWe provide book vouchers to cover textbook costs.
  • ChildcareFor participants with children, we provide assistance to help reduce the cost of childcare.
  • PlacementUpon graduation, we offer placement assistance to help graduates find employment with a good salary, benefits, and opportunity for career growth.